Successful Information Technology Graduate


“I’m Victor Otolorin. I’ve been doing unarmed security for about the last eight years of my life and, at a point, I got tired of it. From the age of 12 or 13, I had a first intuition that computers would be something I wanted to end up with.

I never really found a course or way in until I came upon Per Scholas. It gave me this opportunity and with the opportunity, I decided to rise above but it’s not even that hard to do when you have so much support and so much help. If you’re not already in the field, it’s something that you want to check out and try.

I’ve done a little bit of IT before, I’ve done SQL Server about a year ago, which I didn’t like. I networked with a few friends and they kept me on the path. One friend gave me the link to the PER Scholas website. I applied for PER Scholas for a course in A+ and shockingly I got a response back. They allowed me to do a panel interview and get information about the course. So, I decided it was a good route to go and the things that I was taught and the course that I presumed was nothing like it was. It was more like a very intense IT bootcamp with career development. You have people coaching you, guidance, it’s a very support-based program. PER Scholas is definitely one of the best ideas and decisions I’ve ever taken upon.

While being in this PER Scholas family, I first started out not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I knew about A+ and the basics of hardware and software and troubleshooting. I gained more knowledge about networks, printers, security, and all of these different subjects through the program and it actually helped map out a path.

Upon doing A+, I discovered a path that I wanted to do from now until I retire. I want to get my security plus and network plus certification and possibly step into CCNA. With CCNA, it opens up a lot of opportunities for government jobs. I’ve been in security for 8 years but I want to do it the smarter way, no longer the physical way. It’s definitely a change in path but somewhat keeping in the same career field. I also want to go into the field at MGM, Caesar’s Palace and do security networking over there as a cyber analyst, then transition to a government job.”

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