Taking Responsibility

Fela Bradley is Owning His Future and Finding His Way


FelaEight years ago, Fela Bradley was trying to find his way and secure a job that would get him started on his journey. That opportunity came when he was offered an electrician apprenticeship, but he admits that he wasn’t ready for the demand and work it took to get through the rigorous schedule. The alternative for Bradley was spending a few years working on a chicken farm in Gainesville, Ga., but something was missing. He was ready to try again and make a change.

Ian Miller, a fellow Westside Works graduate working on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium construction site, told Bradley about the program and it motivated Bradley to get back on the path to becoming an electrician.

“When you’re younger you don’t have as many responsibilities,” Bradley said, “Taking ownership of those responsibilities allows you to be a little bit more mature and sometimes do things that you don’t want to do, but have to do, for the people that you love.”

Bradley has a daughter at home to take care of and although she may not know much about being an electrician, she is interested in the stadium and is happy about what he has accomplished so far.

According to Bradley, “there is no downside” to working on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The apprenticeship requires a schooling program once every two weeks in addition to the hands-on experience at the job site. Bradley recently passed his first phase of testing for the program and, although he has a long way to go, is finding his way.

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