Feeling Stronger Every Day

One year has made all the difference in Cornorris Billings’ life


I’ve been in Atlanta for twenty years. It was hard coming up. I didn’t really stay with my mom; stay with my grandmas, my dad. I attended Booker T. Washington High School, over there on MLK. We basically ended up moving over here, staying in the area. I liked it, I played golf, baseball. Coming up it was pretty cool, I had friends, everybody knew me.  

I attended church one Sunday. I came in and my pastor was like there’s a great opportunity; they got this program called Westside Works. At first, I was like naww, you know that isn’t for me, I’ll find a job.

And then when I heard about the opportunities and the chances they have available, I was like, “Hey why don’t I go down there and see what they got?” I went down there. I was enrolled in the automotive program but then I wound up and said, I like cooking, I’m going to try cooking. Came here and met the chef and they mentored me. It’s been a blessing and an opportunity.

I was artistic and that’s why I chose to do culinary because you can express your art through food. With the program coming in and opening doors for us, I’d just say, you know, I’m thankful for it.

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