Holding Her Own

The Day That Cherty Roberts Walked Up to the Gates of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Is the Day Her Life Changed

Untitled-1With a B.S. in Kinesiology from Georgia State University and landing a job in physical therapy, you might wonder why Cherty Roberts is working on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium construction site as a safety coordinator. For her, it was a logical next step.

Roberts worked as a physical therapy technician then in nuclear construction before finding herself at the gates of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium inquiring about an opportunity and being directed to Westside Works. It was there that Roberts was able to refresh her construction knowledge and, with her past experience and certifications, advance to the role of safety coordinator at the new Atlanta stadium.

Westside Works was the place that provided her with the life lessons she found most meaningful.

“The instructors they have over there are really good instructors,” Roberts said, “If you listen to some of the off-topic stuff they talk about, that’s really what had me keyed in – we were talking about construction, but you could tie it in to just life.”

It was more than just building property. It was creating a relationship that allows students to seek advice even after graduation. Now Roberts is one of the few women working on the construction site and everyone knows who she is before they are even introduced.

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