Realizing a Dream

Angel Moved From Fear to Confidence and Discovered Her Dream Job


My name is Angel McCurdy. I am a resident of ten years in the Ashview Heights community, right around the corner from Booker T. Washington High School. I’ve previously been in social work, hospitality, community service, and community outreach. An opportunity came to expand my knowledge and I took it.

When I first saw the program, it was a flyer placed on my mailbox. It actually sat on my mailbox for awhile and I moved it into the house. I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to be a part of the program because of my education base and found out that I was eligible so I gave it a try.

For the day-to-day work with the program, you start with reading. Your day does not start in the classroom, your day actually starts the night before. Once you come in, you should have read whatever it is or do whatever assignment to prepare you for the next day’s lesson. We do some computer-based testing to help prepare us for the chapter and measure our skill set. Everybody is so understanding and on so many different knowledge levels. So, you got people, like the gentleman on my right, in his twenties and he was grasping quickly. There were some things that I was not able to grasp so quickly. But together, we were able to move in the right direction.

The Per Scholas program prepares you not only in your personal development as far as resume preparation and interview preparation, it also prepares you for teamwork and how to work within a team. It does teach you how to be a good tech as well as teaching you how to pass the test. It does take a bit of perseverance on your part as well as outside work, it’s not one of those spoon-fed program where this is what you do and you can go home and do whatever you want. It does take a considerable amount of work outside the classroom in order to prepare yourself for the certification but if you apply all that they teach you, you will pass, without a doubt. Being able to stay in Atlanta, that I may not have to move because businesses are coming here, looking for techs, that’s awesome.

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